Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Swedish Melodic Power Metal--CLOUDSCAPE New Single Available Today!

New Era to be Released September 11th via Nightmare Records

Last week CLOUDSCAPE debuted a stream of the first single "Share Your Energy" from their upcoming album New Era. CLOUDSCAPE wants to give their fans a chance to purchase the single before the September 11th release date of New Era.  Starting today, the digital single is available for purchase on both iTunes and Amazon

CLOUDSCAPE is a melodic power metal band with progressive touches from southern Sweden.  CLOUDSCAPE's compositional ambitions have always bridged progressive metal and straightforward melodic rock/metal, creating music accessible to a wider audience by virtue of its intense melody, but with enough complexity to satiate the ears of casual and serious music enthusiasts.

Since 2004 CLOUDSCAPE has called the prestigious Roastinghouse Studios in Malmö, Sweden their home for all of their albums to date.  CLOUDSCAPE continue to progress with each record, breaking new boundaries in their style and continue to mature in their writing and composition  New Era, the band's fourth album is without a doubt the band's crowning accomplishment to date.  The record was produced and mixed by Micko Twedberg.  Twedberg was assisted on the mixing by Anders "Theo" Theander. The mastering was also handled by Theander. 

New Era is available for pre-order on AMAZON.

New Era Tracklisting:
1) Silver Ending
2) Share Your Energy
3) Kingdom of Sand
4) Pull the Brake
5) Seen It All Before
6) Your Desire
7) Voyager 9
8) Simplicity
9) Before Your Eyes
10) Violet Eve
11) Into the Unknown
12) Heroes

CLOUDSCAPE Discography:
Cloudscape (2005)
Crimson Skies (2006)
Global Drama (2008)
New Era (2012)

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