Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Bossa Blue will be presenting the James Taylor songbook at Fitzgerald’s on Thursday, August 23rd

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Bossa Blue, led by acclaimed singer-songwriter Brad Cole, performs a unique stylistic blend of Bossa/Samba, Cool Jazz, Dub, Soul and Blues interpretations of the songs that have become the soundtrack to our lives.

Bossa Blue will be presenting the James Taylor songbook at Fitzgerald’s on Thursday, August 23. Click here for full details

Bossa Blue Presents: A Tribute to the James Taylor Songbook
Thu, Aug 23 2018, 8:30pm - $10
Doors open at 7 pm.

Award winning singer-songwriter and band leader Brad Cole’s most recent project, Bossa Blue, has created quite a buzz with their multi-genre mash-ups of contemporary and classic rock tunes that run the gambit from Radiohead to The Beatles, from The Killers to Joni Mitchel, and now an entire set of James Taylor songs re-imagined and re-energized! Bossa Blue combines Latin rhythms, jazz, dub, rock and soulful blues along with intriguing vocal interplay to create their unique and intoxicating grooves. 

"The James Taylor Songbook is a treasure chest of gems and I’d put his songwriting in the same class as Cole Porter and Johnny Mercer, not to mention the ‘A list’ of his contemporaries. I decided to perform the JT songbook for a few reasons, primarily because these songs are so rich in melody and structure and, because there are so many classics. When I was in grade school I discovered Sweet Baby James in my sister’s record collection. This music was gentle and I never second guessed its honesty. From that day I have always felt a kinship to that young cowboy who lives on the range. The fun and/or challenge here is not to deliver the “James Taylor” version of his tunes, but to update each composition and performance in a compelling way with this extraordinary group of musicians. I immersed myself in the JT catalogue and pondered his headspace both musically and lyrically to better understand his pure and simple elegance.   Each tune has found its own blend of Bossa Nova, Samba, Jazz, Rock and Soulful Blues, all rich with vocal interplay and groove. Personally, the James Taylor set feels like an important body of work but, just as importantly, it is a lot of fun to perform.”

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