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A PALE HORSE NAMED DEATH Debut New Song on Noisecreep #metal #freestreaming

Lay My Soul to Waste Available May 21st on Steamhammer/SPV

Chill Live Shows got a press preview of the whole album and our initial gut reaction was great.  Several of the track are out now, so check it out and see what you think.   We've been DIY busting out plaster & lathe and drywalling a room, and this was an excellent sonic assault to accompany the work.  We need to spend a bit more time with the new material to be objective, and we'll have a full review up shortly.  

A PALE HORSE NAMED DEATH will release their sophomore album Lay My Soul to Waste May 21st in North America on Steamhammer/SPV. Once again the artwork was commissioned by Sam Shearon, who is also responsible for artwork on the band's first release And Hell Will Follow Me.

Today the band has teamed up with Noisecreep to debut another track from from Lay My Soul to Waste entitled "Killer By Night". Get a first listen to the song HERE.

Revolver Magazine is streaming the track "Shallow Grave" HERE.

On the surface, A PALE HORSE NAMED DEATH are impressive. But you'll want to dig deeper and immerse yourself in all the sonic and lyrical layers, because the band isn't afraid to plume the depths of darkness that humanity is capable of. It's murky stuff, but someone has to do it.

Sal Abruscato and Matt Brown have followed 2011's incredible introduction And Hell Will Follow Me with Lay My Soul to Waste, which keeps the band's patented signature formula of slow, deliberate sludge and head-down doom intact and as flawlessly executed as ever.
Think Alice in Chains, only harder, angrier and with a more perverse view of the world, as if they were reared in a row house in Bensonhurst, as opposed to the rainy landscape of Seattle, all the while feasting on a steady diet of Black Sabbath records.

A PALE HORSE NAMED DEATH arrived with And Hell Will Follow Me. They have firmly implanted their roots in the metal scene with Lay My Soul to Waste. It's a metal album that headbangers who enjoy a walk on the darker side of life will end up revering and responding to.

Lay My Soul to Waste can be pre-ordered on Amazon on both CD and LP.

Lay My Soul to Waste Tracklisting:
1) Lay My Soul to Waste
2) Shallow Grave
3) The Needle in You
4) In the Sleeping Death
5) Killer by Night
6) Growing Old
7) Dead of Winter
8) Devil Came With a Smile
9) Day of the Storm
11) Cold Dark Mourning

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