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TONIGHT: Disappears at Lincoln Hall EP Release 4/20


Photo Credit: Zoran Orlic 

ChiIL Live Shows will be there tonight... will YOU?!   We first discovered Disappears by accident at Lollapalooza.   Enroute to some other act we came to a screeching halt as soon as we heard them and stayed the whole set!   While we were there a bunch of other wanderers kept getting sucked in and asking "Who is that band?!"   Since then we've been stalking them around Chi-town and enjoying their rise. 

Check back like we vote in Chi, IL... early and often.   We'll have Lincoln Hall show shots up shortly.   And if you're 21+ get out and see them LIVE at Lincoln Hall tonight.

Disappears will be bringing their high intensity live show and swirling brand of drone-y psych rock to Chicago TONIGHT, Thursday, April 18th at Lincoln Hall.  The repetitive, pummeling beat that snakes through their newest EP, Kone, highlights the band's post-punk, experimental guitar-driven style and elevates the sound to the next level.

The Quietus describe the fervency of the title track, "Kone (Edit)" as "echoed howls over a circular, sparse post-punk core, one which feels like it's barely keeping a torrent of motorik fury at bay. As the track closes, the dissonant noise rears up again, only this time its a controlled feedback-storm, eventually coming into its own as the other instruments fall out, leaving it hanging there, a quivering, metallic spectre."

Kone will be out April 20th with new material to follow later this year, but for now, check out Disappears in person for a night of fierce electricity.

Check out the Disappears hypnotic and melodic video for the title and main track "Kone (Edit)" from their forthcoming EP to be released April 20th.

"Kone (Edit)" was recently premiere on UK site The Quietus, who call the ten minute epic an "incantatory, long-form cut, and one that promises big things from the band's next album," with a surging "torrent of motorik fury" that gets leveled out towards the end as the "dissonant noise rears up again, only this time its a controlled feedback-storm, eventually coming into its own as the other instruments fall out, leaving it hanging there, a quivering, metallic spectre."
Disappears, known for their mesmerizing and electric live shows are about to hit the road for a run of US dates, be sure to catch them. All dates are listed below.
What makes people respond to something? Is it honesty? Anyone can be true, say what makes sense to them - talk about how they feel. It’s especially tricky to answer this question in a world where it’s never been easier to be heard, but never been harder to get anyone to listen.
It can be confusing doing something when it’s all you know. It means you are constantly sacrificing, whatever it is, to try and get someone to see things your way. It’s personal and it’s a message not everyone will receive. Friendships disintegrate, patterns becoming habits and everyday you wake up the world you know is different.  Still, we make ways to relate with people, we search out meaning and make sense of our surroundings.
These are themes Disappears have been working out since their formation in 2008. Over the course of three full lengths in three years for the esteemed Kranky imprint, Disappears have taken the raw energy and intensity of post-punk and filtered it into the repetition of dub and minimalism.
With the recent and amicable departure of Steve Shelly, Disappears return with the Kone EP, 30+ minutes of new music that asks the listener to do something rare these days – listen. Abstract and experimental, Disappears use the 12” format to it’s full potential – take chances and get weird. Recorded in Chicago at Minbal and mixed in Dallas by John Congleton, Kone takes every opportunity to stretch out into the void and roar.
Following the April 16th release date, Disappears will be touring the US this Spring as they put the finishing touches on their new LP to be released later 2013.

Kone Tracklisting /
1. Kone
2. Kontakt
3. Kone (Edit)

Spring 2013 Tour Dates /
4.18.13 - Lincoln Hall - Chicago, IL
4.19.13 - Turf Club - St. Paul, MN
4.20.13 - Gardner Lounge Grinnell College - Grinnell, IA
4.24.13 - Brillobox - Pittsburgh, PA
4.25.13 - Knitting Factory - Brooklyn, NY
4.26.13 - Johnny Brendas - Philadelphia
4.27.13 - MOTR Pub - Cincinnati, OH
5.17.13 - Bootleg Bar - Los Angeles, CA
5.18.13 - Bottom Of The Hill - San Francisco, CA 

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